I’m sleeping and movi7ng my phone away now

mopsthefloors can you stream the young love scene tomorrow. just that scene. I mean other ones too if you want but I’m asking for the axmarco here

beep beep beep.. beep beep beep.. that’s my brothers alarm going off while he ignores it and i think about animorphs


I can’t sleep bc of the animorphs Feels

elfangor kissed his son goodbye before he died and im crying for real now. im crying

~*Kristine Wife of Legolas Queen of Mirkwood*~: *the rapture happens and the only ones who go to heaven are the red tailed hawks*
~*Kristine Wife of Legolas Queen of Mirkwood*~: *somewhere jesus wipes a tear from his face* “tobias didnt deserve any of that”

the one prediction i have for endgame thats more than vague indescribable concepts is that ax is going to die. i dont have a real reason its just a feeling ive had since always and

[3:55:30 AM] ……..slime mom: ax always did want to follow in his brother’s footsteps…..

at some point you must read the Andalite Chronicles, there is so much Elfangor as a little punk cadet and so many other wonderful/heartbreaking things

YEAH i was definitely planning on it… i’m probably going to do read them next time i get sad about something i have to take a break from reading for a few days. im doing that right now but kristine just caught up so i’m probably going to start reading on the regular schedule before she can pass me…..

[3:33:43 AM] ……..slime mom: the truth is comin out liza i only like u cos u remind me of tobias’s mom
[3:33:55 AM] ……..slime mom: more truth: i am elfangor
[3:34:50 AM] ……..slime mom: come into my spaceship. this is not a trap